It’s time again to present you a new test, I finished recently, with the fully automatic coffee machine Bosch Vero Aroma 700.

A fully automatic coffee machine has many advantages. Generally, it looks very beautiful in the kitchen and provides the entire range of coffee and milk coffee beverages easily with a button push.

Bosch Vero Aroma 700 You can find it here online and in best price.

It’s almost the same as the test winner Siemens EQ 6!!! However, in the categories price, quality and functions these two devices are far away from each other.  

If you want to find the right coffee machine for your needs, you have to search and compare a little bit. In order to make it easier for you, I started the coffee machine tests and write the results in my reviews.

Bosch Vero Aroma 700: For the Bosch Vero Aroma 700 fully automatic coffee machine you must first know that it’s identical to Siemens EQ 6 700. Only the display, the buttons and the housing material are different.

For this test I had the Siemens EQ 6 at home, in order to test it easier and without time stress.

The Siemens EQ 6 700 is in its price class my Tests Winner. Starting from this point it is already clear that I can also recommend you to purchase the Bosch Vero Aroma 700 because of the similarity they have.

The best way to see which of the two coffee makers is currently economical and near to your taste is to see both online and compare them.

Find here easily the current prices and designs of Bosch Vero Aroma 700 and Siemens EQ 6 700 online and compare them.


Bosch Vero Aroma 700 has a “younger sister” with the name Bosch Vero Aroma 300.

However, I believe it’s senseless to purchase it, because it has clear weaknesses in compare with Bosch Vero Aroma 700, and the prices of these 2 models have no big difference too.

You can also see from the manufacturer’s manual that the Bosch Vero Aroma 300 can prepared only one coffee after the other, not two at the same time. Normally, the appliances must perform two brewing processes anyway for 2 beverages.

The really difference is, you can get from the Vero Aroma 700 two drinks by a single push of a button, while you have to push the Vero Aroma 300 twice. The preparation of the two drinks takes exactly the same time. The advantage here is not so big as it sounds.

The next comparing point is the coffee preparing process and the design.

Bosch Vero Aroma 300: the housing is mostly made of silver plastic. Bosch Vero Aroma 700: the most parts of the case are made of stainless steel for better quality and stability.

I believe, this makes a big difference in the appearance and feeling of the machines. The plastic is almost “low-cost” compared to the stainless steel. But this is not true. Technically the Bosch Vero Aroma is really good.

The optic is a matter of taste and the plastic housing is completely irrelevant to the quality of the prepared coffee.

Now few words about the pump. In the product descriptions, you will see that the pump of the Bosch Vero Aroma 700 has a pressure up to 19 bar, while the Vero Aroma 300 pumps only 15 bar.

This may sounds impressive, but in my opinion you can ignore the difference. It is true that an espresso needs some pressure to be prepared. For that reason, a Balletto – Pot for the stove cannot prepare a real espresso, but only something similar.

But the pressure that actually acts on the coffee to prepare an espresso also depends on how tightly the coffee is compressed, and not just on the strength of the pump. An espresso machine also builds up only 9 bar of pressure, which is quite enough and far away from 15 or even 19 bar.

That is why this difference between the two models in my opinion does not really matter. Just decide according to the design, the price and the “2 drinks at a single button press” advantage of the Vero Aroma 700.

Bosch Vero Aroma 300  You can find it here online and in a very good price.


If you like the design and the price of Bosch Vero Aroma 700 in comparison to the Siemens EQ 6 it’s also a very good choice. I strongly recommend Vero Aroma 700 from Bosch because in its price class has a lot to offer.

Bosch Vero Aroma 700 You can find it here online and in a very good price.

Optionally, you will also get a suitable isolated milk container from Bosch for your milk drinks preparation. It keeps the milk cool and looks better in the kitchen than a milk package.


You can see bellow the technical specification and features of the Bosch Vero Aroma 700:

Bosch Vero Aroma: Benefits

  • Brewing group can be removed
  • Automatic bean-to-cup machine prepares perfect coffee
  • Very quiet conical grinding system (ceramic)
  • It can use either beans or ground coffee
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Good and easy coffee preparation and maintenance
  • Beautiful design

Bosch Vero Aroma: Weaknesses

  • I had to use to the Menu guidance
  • The coffee pucks are quite moist
  • You have to purchase the water filter additionally

Scope of delivery according to manufacturer

  • Measuring spoon for coffee powder
  • Silicone tube for milk frothing
  • Test strips for water hardness determination
  • Instruction manual


The espresso from the Bosch vero Aroma is quite close to a real sieve currier Espresso and the milk foam is good too. The operation might be more intuitive, but is quickly learned.

The settings for temperature, quantity, coffee strength and grinding degree should be sufficient to configure a coffee according to your taste. If other people in your household have different coffee preferences, you have to find a compromise, because you cannot save several user profiles with this machine.

As I wrote above too, I strongly recommend vero Aroma 700 from Bosch because is one of the best automatic coffee machines in its price class.

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