pharmacy is an office that deals in medication. It is also a branch that works closely with hospitals, clinics, physicians, and other healthcare institutions that deal in treating and curing various illnesses and diseases. Pharmacy is primarily charged with the administration, manufacture, dispensation, safety and proper use, and control of drugs and medicines. They are one of the most important branches in a health institution, because they carry out the prescriptions, provide treatment for patients, store medicines, and prepare reports related to these activities.

Pharmacy plays a very important role in a health care environment. The pharmacist must have a license from his state or county. A pharmacist is usually the person that carries out the entire operations in a pharmacy. Some pharmacies also deal with other products like eyeglasses, gloves, antiseptics, antibiotics, etc. The pharmacist has to be highly qualified and well trained to effectively work in this field. He should be able to answer all of your questions related to the medicines you require and also must be able to give you information on how to use the medicine that you need.

There are many pharmaceuticals and medicines available in the healthcare sectors. You can easily get access to them and use them without any kind of prescription. In most cases, a pharmacist will only prescribe medicines after consulting with a physician. However, in some cases, the pharmacist may also recommend you to use some medicines that he recommends.

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